Brian is an international teacher of music, drumming, creative problem solving, and disc golf in the United States and Asia.

"To be a great teacher one must recognize the fire in each student and encourage it to take hold. We are here to serve the student, inspire, and encourage their talents while helping them overcome adversity".

He spent time in Thailand at Panyaprateep School where he had the amazing opportunity of teaching, offering lessons, and leading a school wide Disc Golf experience. This truly life changing experience left a lasting impression and awakened his passion in a new and vibrant way. 

After Thailand he spent time in Nepal teaching music to students age 4-13. While he was there he also had the opportunity to teach the staff the CPS process for creative problem solving. Career Building International Acadamy is now using creativity so solve some of the many problems that face the people of Nepal.

Brian began teaching after High School and continues to this day. His experience includes work with all age groups and spans from drumming and music to studio engineering and recording. Brian worked as the Media Integration Specialist at The Children's Guild, a leading brain based learning school for extraordinarily challenged youth in Baltimore City. There he spent his time designing media integration plans, facilitating recordings and podcasts in the school recording studio, and teaching music. As a consultant for the Innova E.D.G.E. program he lead the creation of a student built Disc golf course at the Baltimore campus.

His work as a drum teacher along with a year as a private school music teacher have left many lasting memories. A lover of diverse experiences, his teaching experience as a drummer even crossed over to selling Lowrey Organs and giving organ lessons in a program for retired people at one point.    

He has trained and mentored numerous recording school graduates as interns in his recording studios. Being a session drummer meant that he needed someone to run the gear in the control room while he was playing and that created a fun opportunity to learn and grow the studio. His teaching style is comprehensive and fun with a hands on approach. Many of his interns have gone on to have success as professional audio engineers.

Brian offers private lessons and classes from time to time. Be sure to sign the email list to receive updates. Feel free to inquire if you are interested in lessons or internships in the studio.