How it was made

     We all have turning points in life. One that stands out for me is when I first heard Neil Feather and the instruments he builds. The sounds that emanated from the radio speaker that day on The Signal were unlike anything I had ever heard. From that moment on I set out to push my own limits and the limits of today's music.

While working as a record producer making popular music I kept fanning the flames of creativity with new ways to approach music and sound. I began to record my own experimental improvised music in between my sessions in the studio. I can't count how many times I have talked to someone who said that everything they hear on the radio sounds the same. With that in mind, I unlearned what I had spent years practicing and developed new ways to create sonic textures using instruments.

Many instruments and sonic sources were used throughout the production of these recordings. Everything from electric guitar pickups, electronics, and handmade microphones to keyboards, stringed instruments, drums, and many other sound creation devices were used and abused while being recorded through analog recording gear into a digital converter. 
When it came time to mix and master the tracks on Parallelograms I took an unconventional approach again. All of the mixes were treated as performances. After setting up some effects each mix was made and automated in one pass through the song from beginning to end. Each step in the process of making this music was intentional and executed with great care to insure that these works would be unlike anything I had ever created and unlike anything you have ever heard.