Hello and welcome. I created this site to share some of my artistic and creative endeavors that ventured outside the scope of my professional music career. Many of the works that are a part of this site were created out of a desire to express things that were not possible through more "popular" styes of music. While I love working with all styles of music as an engineer and producer, experimental music allows me to thrust off the usual ways of doing things in favor of wilder and crazier ways of creating sounds and textures. 

   Music is the universal language. It can tell a story better than words, it carries emotions across time and space, and it can make you forget whatever is wrong with your day. Music has the power to unite people, make them move, inspire thoughts, and change persepctives. Music is evolving and changing every day and I love exploring the edges of my creativity to see where music will take me.

     A long time ago I was told you have to know the rules to break them. Along the way in my music career I got to a place where I wanted to go as far outside the box as I could. Nearly all music ever created is a cyclical marriage of melody and harmony neatly organized into parts like choruses and verses. When I composed the music on this site, I paid no mind to the rules of my music theory books and their accepted intervals held by bars in repeating pulses. Instead, I set out to create music that was unlike any other in every way possible. I set out to create a singular musical landscape and to offer a new perspective of what music can be and where it can be found. Wheather it's experiemental music, electronic music or rock music my goal is to let develop my unique musical voice and share it.


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