Why do we travel?

Taking a break on the Inca Trail along the way to Machu Picchu in Peru.

 What is it about traveling that entices us? What draws us back into the planes, trains and automobiles for another adventure? Something about traveling calls to me. No matter where I go and how far away I may be there is always another part of the world to see. For me, it’s more than just being in a different place away from the average days of adult life in the United States. Sure, I like a week or two off from work as much as anyone, but what I seek is far more than just a change of scenery.   
When I was a child, my parents took my sister and me on vacations not only in the US, but abroad as well.  A special trip that I can remember is traveling to Jamaica with my father at 8 years old. At that time I didn’t know what it was that inspired me about that place, but I remember feeling excited and intrigued by the people and sights we saw. We ate fabulous breakfasts on the patio overlooking the ocean and snacked on fresh fish from roadside barbeques at lunch. I drank Ting (Jamaican grapefruit juice) every chance I got, and the taste still takes me back to Jamaica when on the rare occasions I find it.  With time memories fade, but some of those moments remain vivid even after more than 20 years. Perhaps I was aware of a different energy even then. 

It seems that I have always been able to sense the energy of a place no matter where I am. Ever since I was a kid, visiting far away places, trying new foods, seeing unique landscapes, and experiencing the energy of those places has inspired me. Somewhere deep inside of me, there is a soul that is hungry for adventure. My spirituality leads me to believe that the purpose of life is to live fully, love deeply, and make the world a better place. Much like peeling back the layers of an onion, traveling allows me to have both a better understanding of the world and a better understanding of myself. 
Why do I travel? I travel because it enriches my life and inspires me. I travel to see the lesser-known parts of the road. I travel because I can and because the whole world is out there.  As I set out on another journey, I wonder where it will lead me. 




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