Brian Potts is an international maverick, sound engineer, record producer, professional drummer, creative facilitator, teacher, and music composer. Brian works as the Recoding Studio Director for Konexion in Baltimore, Maryland. Ask him about his first musical memory, he will tell you about when he was 4 years old, and walked onto a band stand toward glimmering white pearl Ludwig drums at his aunt’s wedding. Barely able to reach the pedals on the floor, the energy and power that those drums held was undeniable to him. Sitting atop the drum throne, he gripped the sticks and struck the drums and cymbals as his family looked on from beyond the stage. 

     As a child, Brian dreamed of becoming a professional drummer, recording, and touring. Long before realizing his dreams, he spent years playing in school music ensembles. He began to study drums formally at age 10. He developed a strong foundation of traditional drumming and percussion skills combined with an understanding of instrumental performance and music theory. Years of hard work and perseverance writing and recording original music with friends lead to playing in bands which lead to shows, touring, and making records. Duct-taped microphone clips and a 4-track tape recorder gave way to recording in real studios with professional engineers and equipment. Dive bars and open mics were replaced with larger gigs and even an opportunity to play on the Warped tour. While nothing can replace the thrill of live performance, the lights and faders that controlled the sounds emanating from the studio monitors always fascinated him.
     The life long dream of becoming a professional session drummer became a reality and brought with it a new passion for producing records. The availability of home recording equipment was growing as fast as computer technology and recording software. During college, Brian studied music and wrote his first solo album of electronic music in a classroom with a midi keyboard and a sequencer. Combining his love of music, uncommon creativity, and access to growing technology with its seemingly limitless possibilities gave rise to new ideas, numerous musical compositions, and a new passion for digital recording. The first record Brian produced by himself for another artist was a collection of diverse songs that blended singer songwriter style vocal and guitar tracks mixed with his own original beats written for songs featuring hip hop verses interwoven. “I enjoy the challenge of producing different kinds of records in different styles” says Brian. Now, years later his discography of playing and recording credits spans more than 300 records including nearly every type of music from classical to hip-hop to heavy metal. Each experience offered new challenges and new rewards. 
     Brian’s already diverse and eclectic musical tastes grew even broader when he was first introduced to experimental improvised music.  Almost immediately, he was drawn into a broader and deeper musical understanding that inspired him to create new recordings of his own solo music. Playing and performing this new style of music with strange new sounds and textures is one part of the foundation that lead to what is now a large body of work. Part of this catalog you see here on this website. Brian will be the first one to tell you that he created all this music because of his sheer enjoyment of the entire process. In life and in music you have to love the space between the notes.
     Today, Brian contiunes to work as an international drum teacher, record producer, composer, and the recording studio director at Konexion in Baltimore. Konexion is a full service production facility made up of a retail shop and performance venue,  large studio A, and a smaller studio B. He has designed and built numerous recording studios and was responsible for all the design, construction, and custom wiring work that went into building the studios at Konexion. He still works as a drummer and spends much of his free time writing and recording new music at his home studio, outside, or with friends and family. He enjoys making recording equipment and has built an innovative collection of handmade microphones that he uses to create unique sounds. Brian continues to follow his passion for music and says he has no intention of stopping. His recent teaching experience in Thailand left a lasting impression and with Konexion and its international reach the sky truly is the only limit.  

Special thanks

I would like to thank my family first for all the love and support. Thanks to all my friends for always being there when I need them. Mac Traore for everything and for sharing my vision for KoneXion. Garrett Long, Kevin Boening, Mike Abrams, and all the people who have worked with me as interns and engineers in my studios. I would like to thank Lee Stevens for sharing his wit and wisdom, and Dave Nachodsky for his time and the knowledge that changed the way I look at making recordings. Thanks to Billy Lyve and the whole Wisdom Court Entertainment crew. Thanks to all my clients for trusting me and writing great music. Thanks to all the amazing musicians that I have shared the stage and studio with. Thanks to Dennis Chambers for inspiring me at a young age. Thanks to all the fans and music lovers who make it possible for artists to have an audience.  

Pictures from my travels